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I see the comment thread here isn't super active but hoping someone can help me. I've been playing the android version and at some point while playing, all the buttons at the side (skip text, save game, load game, etc) are gone and I can't get them back. I've been playing pretty much my entire afternoon without being able to save. There were a few times early on where I messed up and had to play from my last save file, but most of it has been smooth sailing from there. But, I am worried that there's still the option to mess up and lose all my progress. Any suggestions on how to get those buttons back so I can save my game again?

Thanks in advance.

Трудно в это поверить, но мне не понравилось! На мой специфичный вкус только одна девушка понравилась, и нет разделения на эпизоды, я и не понял, что прошел игру...

way too short, just when i get interested, it was over. I would definitely pay for a full game, but was very sad at ending so short. Best game like this I've played so far.

Downloaded the mac version today. Unzipped the package no problem. However, the program won't start. IOS Finder message: Can't open "Dreams of Desire"

Any suggestions?

this should be able to help you


Cam you remove the landlady parts but either having the player have the ability to change how people are addressed in the settings or by se code like new family?


is this game still being developed because it says it hasn't been updated since December of 2017? 

This is just a demo/preview of the full game. The full release isn't available on itch, have to get it from the creators patreon page.

Thank you, i ended up finding it on Lewdlab's patreon :)

I'm looking forward to the latest update, hope it will be released the fastest !!


Is it possible to add an option allowing you to rename characters? Landlady and roommate makes for awkward dialogue. I know in some games they let you tailor it to your own liking so you can have a more custom experience. Other than that it's a good game.

The character titles were changed due to a change to the Patreon rules and regs in order to keep all content released on Patreon legal in all countries (even the concept of incest is illegal in some (China)).

Do what other games have done. Add a cheat code section in the menu. Use "Realstory" as the code and have it activate a patch the readjust the naming to the incest related stuff.... The game My New Family is one that uses this method.

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ok I Love this so much I need the full version :D

Is Landlady supposed to be Code for Mom  or something .. ? and Roommates for Sisters ?  because that`s what the interactions and dialogue indicate.. lol

little question here, but in the beginning your character calls the woman 'landlady'. is that the final name for? because, to be honest, landlady just doesn't fit here. it sounds like it was supposed to be 'mom' or something, but was cut for some reason or another.

is that the case?

I know right ?  it seems off to call her Landlady.. because a " Landlady" is just someone who you pay rent to  lol

it gets even weirder when you factor in that you have two 'roommates' sharing the house you're in, along with two other 'roommates' living halfway across town. 

this was obviously supposed to be an incest thing, but they pussied out at the last minute and just went 'quick! something to call his mother that isn't incestuous!' and bam! she is now his landlady...and has been for his whole life. and then they went 'damn! we need to give his sisters different names as well!', and so his sisters shall forever be relegated the title of...'roommate'.

yup and Roommate seems to be the generic term for everyone.

The neighbor is I think his Aunt who is  the "Roommate" of his "Landlady ".  lol

And Frank is not a friend .. he is also a " Roommate".  

Kind of Immersion Breaking   oo

as wilif85 stated in a freash thread

The character titles were changed due to a change to the Patreon terms of service as a content creator. In order to keep all content released on Patreon legal in all countries (even the concept of incest is illegal in some (China)) so that they can continue to accept patreon donations.

You will see this alot in some of the other games here too, like Town of Passion beucase that was also a game with incest in it, but it had to be altered as well.

Fair enough I guess.. but it does kind of detract from the immersion.  

I've got a Mac, and tried downloading this game and installing it, but once unzipped, my Mac will not recognize or play the app. May I ask for some guidance on what I'm supposed to do to install and play this? I can't find instructions anywhere here on how to install and play something like this. 

Note: I just discovered adult visual novel games, so I don't know what I'm doing. 

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If you ctl+click on the app, choose "Show Package Contents"

Contents>Mac OS >Ctl+Click on Dreams of Desire >Open

I tried this, and all I got was a script with code and instructions that I don't understand the context of. I'm not a script kiddie or a coder, and I don't understand if that screen contains instructions I'm supposed to follow. 

Seems that you have to change the plain text file to unix executable file (worked for me) :

- Open terminal , type chmod +x (with a space at the end, and do NOT press enter yet)

- Then, drag Contents>Mac OS >Dreams of Desire from the Finder and drop it on top of the Terminal window. The file path and filename should automatically fill in (and you should ensure that there's a space between "+x" and the file path).

-Press enter.

Repeat this process for the following 5 files in Contents>Mac OS > lib>darwin-x86_64 :

DreamsOfDesireEP5, python, pythonw, zsync, zsyncmake

Hope it works for you to

Thank you Chegen, yes it did. 

Does your suggestion also apply to other games too? Can I use these instructions to install other games like this? 

You can use this process for any games that have the same issue. 

Check the files ( [gamename], python, pythonw, zsync, zsyncmake ) in the mentioned locations and if they show up as plain text, change them to unix exec.

This Is so great I really wish i could donate Thank you for making this!

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I just finished it. Wow that was fucking amazing. I've tried a few visual novels for novelty before but I've never finished one except Danganropa 1 and 2. The story actually kept me hooked. There's small spelling errors scattered in a few places, luckily it's usually just one word out of the sentence. The artwork is amazing, and all the chicks are pretty hot. Maybe I need to pick different choices but I didn't get to fuck anyone in the ass. Anyway, the story isn't finished at the end of episode 5 so I came here to ask if the rest of the episodes have been made and if they are free or paid. 
Thank you for making this game and sharing it for free. Look forward to a donation soon. 


Can you make it for Android?

Can you make the download compatible with the desktop app?


Why does it say the "Free" at download after paying?  


The description says that Patreon rewards are not granted in Itch and the Itch payments will be considered donations (paraphrasing).

hey why can't u download this with the app? plz help

If you find out please let me know


Will you guys sell the full version here?


Download isn't compatible with the desktop app

do we know when the next update is scheduled i cant wait to see more 


Cant this game be downloaded for Android?

Love the game, just having one issue. I can't enter any text in the game. I can enter numbers, but not actual letters. So I'm stuck at the password. Any ideas on how to solve issue?


Is there any way to get a patch for the original dialogue? It's pretty obvious what changed and it's kind of annoying (also the original intent is pretty hot)

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Late to the party, but if you are still listening:

  1. Download unrpa
  2. Use it to extract the contents of "scripts.rpa" that you'll find in the "game" subdirectory.
  3. Remove the "z.rpy", "z.rpyc" and "scripts.rpa" files.
  4. Start the game.

That's awesome, since we're removing files, I'm guessing these are just extra files that were added to keep the game a little more store friendly. 

Fantastic game! The characters and story are good (if a little cliche) and the modeling and design is amazing. Excited for chapters 6-10.


What software did you use to make this game (both game engine and for graphics)? I love the style of this game :)


Yes me too I can not


for somereason i cant install the gmae


i can't seem to start the game

I have never added a uncensored patch before is there a walk through on how to do this please

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 he's probably not old enough to be playing this game let alone realize how whiney and ignorant he sounds

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Hope to see more episodes here for free or to pay.

Like Episode 1-6 for free 1-10 Payed and patreons have 3-6 Months earlier access for new episodes.

But it is a great game.


Any plans to make a female main character? There are SO many beautiful women and it would definitely be more realistic for me! Thanks! <3 


Amazing, hope to see more soon!

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Due to file sizes the game is not hosted on

Use the download button which will take you to the download links, and download from from there.

Hm. Game seems to not be installing or even downloading for me


Due to file sizes the game is not hosted on

Use the download button which will take you to the download links, and download from from there.

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The censorship of the (ahum) inhabitants descriptions and their relation to the protagonist is really distracting and awful, lowering the fun-factor greatly (Landlord/lady, roommates... really?) Make them your adopted/stepfamily or something. Much better sollution than what it is now . I hope there is a way to correct this easily in the future, so this game can be played as it's meant to be played.

Easy sollution? Create a webpage where you can download an uncensored version/patch (which is independent from the Patreon page) as many other developers currently seem to do. Seems to work for them, so why not for this game?

Just to be clear, I'm not dissing the game (which is good for the most part), I just hate all forms of censorship (good or bad).


Patreon explicitly stated that step relations are NOT acceptable.

However, a simple google search will most likely solve your problem.

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Yeah, I can understand if this version was on Patreon. Either they singled you out as an example (which is a bummer) or other developers with simular themes are ignored (or choose to ignore Patreon at their own risk). The ones that get by (from what I can tell) also use a personal non Patreon webpage for (uncensored) downloads, while promoting "vanila" versions or no downloads options on their Patreon pages. Of course I haven't looked into the loopholes myself or if they would work. It's just an observation.

Either way, thanks for the response. I did look for a solution a couple of weeks ago (when this version was released to the public for the first time) but had no luck then. Although I am a bit wary about downloading fixes from 3rd parties that are not affiliated or approved of by the original game developers.