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hey why can't u download this with the app? plz help

If you find out please let me know


Will you guys sell the full version here?


Download isn't compatible with the desktop app

do we know when the next update is scheduled i cant wait to see more 

Cant this game be downloaded for Android?

Love the game, just having one issue. I can't enter any text in the game. I can enter numbers, but not actual letters. So I'm stuck at the password. Any ideas on how to solve issue?

Is there any way to get a patch for the original dialogue? It's pretty obvious what changed and it's kind of annoying (also the original intent is pretty hot)

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Late to the party, but if you are still listening:

  1. Download unrpa
  2. Use it to extract the contents of "scripts.rpa" that you'll find in the "game" subdirectory.
  3. Remove the "z.rpy", "z.rpyc" and "scripts.rpa" files.
  4. Start the game.

Fantastic game! The characters and story are good (if a little cliche) and the modeling and design is amazing. Excited for chapters 6-10.

What software did you use to make this game (both game engine and for graphics)? I love the style of this game :)


Yes me too I can not


for somereason i cant install the gmae


i can't seem to start the game

I have never added a uncensored patch before is there a walk through on how to do this please

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whoa chill out edgelord


 he's probably not old enough to be playing this game let alone realize how whiney and ignorant he sounds

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Hope to see more episodes here for free or to pay.

Like Episode 1-6 for free 1-10 Payed and patreons have 3-6 Months earlier access for new episodes.

But it is a great game.


Any plans to make a female main character? There are SO many beautiful women and it would definitely be more realistic for me! Thanks! <3 


Amazing, hope to see more soon!

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Due to file sizes the game is not hosted on

Use the download button which will take you to the download links, and download from from there.

Hm. Game seems to not be installing or even downloading for me


Due to file sizes the game is not hosted on

Use the download button which will take you to the download links, and download from from there.

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The censorship of the (ahum) inhabitants descriptions and their relation to the protagonist is really distracting and awful, lowering the fun-factor greatly (Landlord/lady, roommates... really?) Make them your adopted/stepfamily or something. Much better sollution than what it is now . I hope there is a way to correct this easily in the future, so this game can be played as it's meant to be played.

Easy sollution? Create a webpage where you can download an uncensored version/patch (which is independent from the Patreon page) as many other developers currently seem to do. Seems to work for them, so why not for this game?

Just to be clear, I'm not dissing the game (which is good for the most part), I just hate all forms of censorship (good or bad).

Patreon explicitly stated that step relations are NOT acceptable.

However, a simple google search will most likely solve your problem.

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Yeah, I can understand if this version was on Patreon. Either they singled you out as an example (which is a bummer) or other developers with simular themes are ignored (or choose to ignore Patreon at their own risk). The ones that get by (from what I can tell) also use a personal non Patreon webpage for (uncensored) downloads, while promoting "vanila" versions or no downloads options on their Patreon pages. Of course I haven't looked into the loopholes myself or if they would work. It's just an observation.

Either way, thanks for the response. I did look for a solution a couple of weeks ago (when this version was released to the public for the first time) but had no luck then. Although I am a bit wary about downloading fixes from 3rd parties that are not affiliated or approved of by the original game developers.